English Cocker Spaniels
Nickel and Dimes

  Meakwood Reach For The Stars

Name: Maddy
Imp UK 10-11-2011
(Lapidary Revolutio x 
Charbonnel Thelma N Louise at Meakwood)

Many thanks to Pat Meaker 
to let me have Maddy.    

prcd-PRA free (bp)
FN free (bp)
ECVO: free of MPP,Distachiasis en cataract

Int show Wychen 2012 res CAC
Int show Bleiswijk 2012 2U
Ch clubshow Belgie 2012 Best baby in show
Ch clubshow BSCB 1U



 Lapidary Revolution  Terriles Taittinger  Sorbook Bucks Fizz  Lochdene Orpheus 
 At Sorbrook
 Sorbook Airs And Graces
 Terriles Thesee  Terrlies Toyoyama JW
 Terriles Traviata
 Lapidary Love Affair  Sh Ch Glowhill Rob Roy  Sh Ch Bitcon Troubador
 Glowhill Annalise
 Glowhill Chanson 
 D'Amour At Lapidary
 Sh Ch Palacraig Go West
 Glowhill Earth Angel
 Charbonnel Thelma
  'N' LouiseAt Meakwood
 Manaca's Learn Life's
 Ropes At Charbonnel 
 Swed Dan& Nor Manaca's
 Beat About The Bush
 Nor CH Travis Vital Spark
 Nor en Swed Ch Manaca's
 Rain Or Shine
 Manaca's Cross Country  Swe Ch Eisba Vom
 Schloss Hellenstein
 Swe CH Manaca's
 Alice In Chains
 Charbonnel Pinny 'N' Pearls  Sh Ch Terriles Tonuelo JW  Terriles Taittinger
 Terriles Traviata
 Charbonnel Girls
 'N' Pearls JW
 Terriles Toyoyama JW
 Charbonnel Kiss
  'N' Cuddle

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