Engelse Cocker Spaniels
Nickel and Dimes

Nickel and Dimes Abergavenny 

Name: Abby
Date of birth: 21-08-2002
Hips: A
Eyetest: clear of PRA and cataract
FN Clear/Normal

31-08-2003: Rotterdam, at Abby's first show in Holland he was best junior male and won the Res. CAC
Zwolle '03: 2Exc. in youthclass
Zuidlaren 2004: 1Exc., res CAC, res CACIB
Hulten 2004: BOB
Rotterdam Ahoy' 28-08-2004: 1U CAC/CACIB
Clubmatch KC Rijssen, 22-01-2005: BOB, BIG en 5BIS
Abby is the brother of Nickel and Dimes Amazing Grace


Hulten 2004:
Best male: Nickel and Dimes Abergavenny
Judge: Tineke Pillement

 Caefardre TickTock  Floroyal Daylam  SH.CH. Bitcon Troubadour  Mistfall Medler 
 Bitcon Moonlight
 Floroyal Bosra Sham  Floroyal Dayjur
 Floroyal Lochsong 
 Caefardre Cariad  Castanea Sonneteer  Freshet Fubar
 Shenmore Sonnet
 Caefardre Senag-Hati  Floroyal Dayjur
 Carhowel Dawn Run at Wilholme
 Floroyal Bedazzling  SH.CH. Bitcon Troubadour  Mistfall Medler  Bitcon Silver Rebel
 Mistfall Mood Indigo
 GB.CH. Bitcon Moonlight  Bitcon After Dark
 Bitcon Blue Cascade
 Floroyal Bosra Sham  Floroyal Dayjur  Cilleine Echelon
 Floroyal Dahlia
 Floroyal Lochsong  Lynwater Noel
 Floroyal Shadayid

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