English Cocker Spaniels
Nickel and Dimes

SH CH Lapidary Freelander

Name: Luke
Born 25-11-2006

JW 07,CW 08,W 09,W10,
Luxemburgs Junior Champion,Luxemburgs Champion,NJK,Groninger Winner,Dutch Champion

Optegen A, PRA/CAT free
FN normal/clear
MPP vrij,Glaucoom (gonioscopy) free
JRD free


Many thanks to Hazel for let me have this lovely boy



4 Months.

8 Months.

8 Months.

10 Months.


10 Months.

CAC show Uden, 28-29 juni 2008:
Lapidary Freelander BOB, BIG en 2e BIS!

Lapidary Freelander BOB NSC 2008.

Int dogshow Zwolle 14-09-2008.
Judge Mr J v/d Belt.
Lapidary Freelander 1 Ex CAC/CACIB , Best of Breed.

H. v. Wessem 
On the Int Show Groningen 28-2-09 Became Lapidary Freelander JW 07,NJK,LJK,CW 08, Def Dutch Champion.

Succes for Luke (Sh Ch Lapidary Freelander) on Crufts 2009!
He became 3e in a big openclass (24 dogs)

We had a great day on the Int show at Hazerswoude judge Mr P v Soelen.
Sh Ch Lapidary Freelander became BOB and group 4.

On the specialzuchtschau from the English cocker spanile club from Luxembourg 14-06-09 
Judges Mr A Murray ( UK ) & Mr R Feyaerts (B)
Became Sh Ch Lapidary Freelander CACL Best Dog and Luxembourgs Champion.

Foto H.v.Wessem.

Rotterdam 30-08-09. 
Judges Dhr S Tripoli 
 Sh Ch Lapidary Freelander BOB,BIG BIS 4!!

Maastricht 26-09-09 
Sh Ch Lapidary Freelander 1Ex CAC/CACIB en BOS

 Marquell Moving Glance At 

 Opt. A
 Sh Ch
 Glowhill Scrumpy Jack
 Sorbrook Bucks Fizz  Lochdene Orpheus at Sorbrook
 Sorbrook Airs and Graces
 Glowhill Miss Demeanour  Palacecraig Go West
 Glowhill Moll Flanders
 Pearkim Proserpina At Marquell  Avandora Lady Killer  Avandora Mumbo Jumbo
 Avandora Gianni Schicchi
 Pearkim Prominence  Styvechale Starchoice At Pearkim
 Pearkim Pollyanthus
 Lapidary Calypso

 Opt. A
 Sorbrook Bucks Fizz  Lochdene Orpheus at Sorbrook  Bitcon Pacific Blue
 Lochdene Whoop-La
 Sorbrook Airs and Graces  Bitcon Troubadour
 Lochdene Snowflake
 Lapidary Love Affair  Ch.
 Glowhill Rob Roy
 Bitcon Troubadour
 Glowhill Annalise
 Glowhill Chanson D' Amour At 
 Palacecraig Go West
 Glowhill Earth Angel

Update 30-10-11.